Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The American Idol 2016 Open Auditions + Mobile Bus Tour Season 15 Details Released

Okay, Time to start getting ready Again, The American Idol 2016 Auditions (+ Mobile Bus Tour Auditions) Details have been Released, but it is not all good news, the show is also getting cancelled, after this next season finishes, yes, its true next years season 15 will be the last of the american idol EVER.

So this one really is going to be your last chance, if you was on the fence in the past and now, deciding whether or not you want yo give auditions a go, or not, you only really have this last time, so it is worth deciding really well, either way.

Well the Dates and the Cities and Locations for the Final Ever American Idol 2016 Auditions are out and here they are:

5/13/15 At Los Angeles, CA, Dolby Theatre.
7/10/15 At Denver, CO, Denver Coliseum.
7/22/15 At Savannah, GA , Martin Luther King, Jr. Arena.
8/2/15 At Philadelphia, PA, Liacouras Center.
8/8/15 At Little Rock, AR, Verizon Arena.
TBD At San Francisco, CA TBD.

The Season 15 American Idol 2016 Mobile Bus Tour Auditions Rounds Dates And Cities:

6/18/15 Seattle, WA
6/18/15 Providence, RI
6/20/15 Baltimore, MD
6/22/15 San Diego, CA
6/22/15 Pittsburgh, PA
6/24/15 Tucson, AZ
6/25/15 Indianapolis, IN
6/26/15 Santa Fe, NM
6/28/15 Athens, GA
6/29/15 Tulsa, OK
6/30/15 Oxford, MS


  1. auditions time for idol30 May 2015 at 11:23

    who else is auditioning this year for idol?????

    1. I am! What city are you going to?

  2. why don't they have where for Providence, RI

  3. The auditions for San Fransisco are on the 15th of September.

  4. I look at the official auditions page. There are no auditions being held in L.A…

  5. bus tour auditions15 June 2015 at 08:24

    the bus tour auditions start soon.