Monday, 6 April 2015

when will american idol 2016 auditions rounds start this year in 2015? (dates of when and where)

when will american idol 2016 auditions rounds start this year in 2015? (the dates of when and where?), until the official details are released by american idol, then no one really knows, but, can guess the dating to be at some likely dates/times, because going by last year i can tell we they are not far away.

just need to be patient now, and keep checking online sources regularly for updates.

for example:

last year the first of the open auditions rounds for american idol (cattle call) took place on june the 18th 2014, going that it is now the start of april 2015, if they follow a similar date schedule this year, that would mean we have roughly about 2 months (give or take) until the open audition rounds start again.

and i think i will be something like that, if you read this in say may 2015, i think the audition details will of been released already by somewhere around that date, so you will know by then when and where the auditions will be taking place.

at the moment the american idol has not released any details though on when and where the auditions will be this year, but i think it is probably (going by previous years) only a matter of weeks until they do, and also keep a eye on the american idol website, because we are getting close to the season final this year, and i think the application forms for american idol 2016 should be up on the official website very soon as well.

at this time of year it is just a waiting game now, but not much of a waiting game because the information should be out real soon, what is kind of important though is finding out where the auditions are going to be to see if they are in a city or location close to where you live, and this will give you a idea how easy it will be to travel, and also when, with start dates so you can make arrangements to get time off of work or school etc.

so it is important information to get as soon as possible when planning on auditioning for american idol, and think it should be only weeks now until this information is being put out on there website and other websites as well, just keep checking for updates on google every week really now.

the application form will probably come out sooner then anything, but when it does, they might not release the auditions details with dates venues etc, at the same time, though they might release some of it though, will see soon enough with the final not too far away now, and it should not be a very long time until they start the process for next years american idol.