Sunday, 8 March 2015

the american idol 2016 auditions themed computer games for trying out

Looking for some rehearsal ideas for the american idol 2016 auditions, first i had seen that there had been a american idol auditions themed attraction at disney world, where you could virtually audition or be on american idol, but that attraction has since closed now, so was looking to see what else was out there.

The reason being something like this could be a excellent way of practicing your auditions, i remember those guitar/rock star games for the games consoles out there, so wondering if there is something more like talent show auditions out there, because it could be a great way, and fun way to get in more auditions practice.

The first thing i have come across is a music video game for the playstation 2 called simply "American Idol" and "Pop Idol" as the european name, came out way back in 2003 and was based on the american idol, so this is a long ways ago when the idol was quite new and probably a long forgotten game, and i bet can be picked up on ebay for a few dollars now, and should play on playstations 2 and above, so that is a start right there.

also there are games for mobiles with the american idol theme out there as well, so there are a few things, and another avenue is karaoke, which there are lots of singing games for karaoke which might be a better way of practicing your auditions.

they also did a singing game for the x factor as well, was a ideas not sure how effective it would be to really use playstation games to practice with, but at the end of the day of course the old fashioned way of standing in front of a mirror and singing to a backing track is probably one of the best ways to go still.