Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The American Idol Experience Auditions Practice Simulation

Was just reading about The American Idol Experience Auditions Practice Simulation at Disney World, never heard of this before, but if you are happening to go to disney anytime soon check it out, especially if you are going to audition for american idol 2016.

So there is a simulation of american idol at disney world, or there was, just checking the disney webpage for this attraction and its final day of activity was August 29, 2014 so nope, would of been perfect as well for anyone going to disney before there american idol audition was due.

Well this has given me a idea though, what about singing games as a form of practice i will have a look to see if there are any computer or console games that are like auditions practice for singing/talent shows like american idol, that could be a kind of fun help to get into the mood for auditioning and also a kind of training device as well.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

getting some ideas for the auditions when they roll around again this year

Well been getting some ideas for american idol when 2016 auditions roll around again, this year i think, later in the year if thinking right, but watching the auditions from this years series, it is clear that there is still a lot of talent out there, and the judges and also the producers do have a keen eye on who they want through to the next level.

They have a kind mould that they want people to fit, so with that in mind if you are thinking of registering and trying out for the 2016 auditions, you really need to mode your performance and appearance to fit close to the mould the judges are using each year, because it seems to stay very similar each year.

It is easy to see what the mould looks like, that mental vision and view they have over who they are going to choose and it is not such a big scope, so i think to do well at idol auditions you need try to mould yourself to what the judges expectations are, and these fit in about 3 categories of singing voice/style, appearance and presentation.