Monday, 26 January 2015

lots of time to practice how to get your audition right before later this year

there is still lots of time to practice your auditions and rehearse, rehearse and rehearse that is going to be one of the main things to getting it right, and getting confident, little bit of preparation over what you are going to sing. the preparation comes first, so need to plan ahead and choose asap what songs you are going to take to the auditions,
that should be the easy part deciding on what songs, because, basically i will go with the style of music i like and feel most comfortable with singing. once that is decided though, it is then down to doing the practice to get polished and have it down just right, so you can stand in front of judges and it is second nature to do your performance, win lose or draw, might as well make the process as easy as possible and then it will not be a stressful event but more something to look forward to and enjoy the experience of american idol.

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