Saturday, 27 September 2014

my american idol 2016 auditions cities locations and dates

so this is going to be my journey to the american idol 2016 auditions which city i choose to audition at and the location and dates it takes place, not really a massive amount of time to wait until this audition takes place, they are already doing the first stage open auditions for the american idol 2015, so it is less than a year away until the auditions for american idol 2016 will be taking place,
even though we are still in 2014 a lot of the auditions for each season of american idol take place in the back end of the year before, so if you are planning on auditioning for the next american idol after the current upcoming season, then you will probably be going to go to the american idol 2016, see you there at the auditions and good luck, plenty of time to practice and prepare.

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